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COLLAGEN PEPTIDES Supports Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints & Bone Health


NET WT. 16 oz (1lb) 454 grams

Serving size: 10 grams (1 heaping scoop)
Servings per container: 60

Introducing our premium DAILY DEFENSE® COLLAGEN PEPTIDES, your secret weapon for radiant skin, strong nails, and healthy joints! Crafted with utmost care and formulated with the highest quality ingredients, our formula is designed to replenish your body's collagen levels, essential for maintaining youthful vitality and elasticity.

Derived from the highest quality sources, our collagen peptides are hydrolyzed for maximum absorption, ensuring swift delivery of nourishment to where it's needed most. With each serving, you're providing your body with the building blocks it craves to support skin firmness, hydration, and smoothness, while also promoting hair thickness and nail strength.

But that's not all! DAILY DEFENSE® COLLAGEN PEPTIDES formula goes beyond beauty benefits. It supports joint health, aiding in the maintenance of cartilage and connective tissue, thereby promoting flexibility and mobility. Whether you're an athlete pushing your limits or someone seeking to maintain an active lifestyle, our collagen peptides are here to keep you moving freely and comfortably. 

Formulated with your well-being in mind, DAILY DEFENSE® COLLAGEN PEPTIDES supplement is free from artificial additives, gluten, and dairy, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences. Simply mix it into your favorite beverage or recipe for a convenient boost of collagen goodness, and embrace the glow of health from within.

Unlock your natural radiance and vitality with DAILY DEFENSE® COLLAGEN PEPTIDES.

Elevate your wellness journey and experience the transformative power of collagen today!

• Collagen Peptide Complex (from Hydrolyzed Collagen Type I & III) (bovine)

1 serving daily to supplement the diet with additional protein or as directed by a healthcare professional. Mix with water or beverage of your choice.

Do not use this product as a meal replacement or exceed suggested use without the supervision of a healthcare professional.

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All DAILY DEFENSE® products are:

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COLLAGEN PEPTIDES Supports Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints & Bone Health


How soon will I see the benefits?

Results may vary depending on the individual and the specific supplement. While some individuals may experience benefits within a few weeks, others may require longer. Consistency is key for best results.

Where are supplements made?

All our supplements are formulated in the USA under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and in FDA-registered and approved facilities.

Can I take with other meds?

We always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements, especially if you are currently on prescription medication, have a medical condition, pregnant or nursing.


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DAILY DEFENSE® was developed to help support your body’s nutritional needs across multiple vital areas of health, including immunity, skin health, digestive health, energy, hormonal and neural support, as well as healthy aging and much more.


All DAILY DEFENSE® products are manufactured in the USA under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and in FDA-registered and approved facilities. Our chemists utilize the latest technology, cutting-edge scientific research, and advanced formulas.


Years of research and optimization with nutritionists, supplement labs, industry experts, top-of-their-field chemists and naturopaths, purest ingredients and cutting-edge formulations.